Melissa A. Owoc



Melissa Owoc is management consultant, painter, photographer and world traveller. Melissa has worked in business and technology roles for several top 100 organizations, managing key strategic projects and programs, achieving compliance requirements and leading organizational change management efforts.



I am passionate about diving into the exploration of self through meaningful conversations with others who are willing to stand in their own truth.  For me, life and art are about passion and pursuing a connection to self and to others.  My passion to discover, explore, question, internalize and share gives life and colour to everything I think, feel, experience and create.


There is a symbiotic connection - a flow - between who I know myself to be in this moment, the more that I am becoming and my external, surrounding environment. The process I experience is one of inhaling the space around me, being awake to what moves within me, and then exhaling myself into my world and my art. It is through this process that I give voice to my surroundings, my experience of myself within them and that I give a physical form to the truth I encounter.


For me, it is in the travel to new places, new environments and engaging with new people that I create the opportunity to discover new spaces within myself and uncover more of who I am. Through these experiences I continue to learn and see that while people and places differ at environmental and cultural levels, at our most fundamental core we are the same: seeking to belong and to know our purpose.


Melissa A. Owoc

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