Melissa A. Owoc

November 2012: Elemental Experiences

The Elemental Experiences show was a successful first solo exhibit! 


A big thank you to all who came out to support the event and a thank you to the Event Planners from Empress Events for their help in planning, coordinating and managing this exhibit. 


For those who have requested it, the next show will include both painting and photography work. 


Attached are some pictures from the day of the exhibit and the early setup.


Final setup of the gallery space is completed.  In the window from the Elemental Experiences - Earth collection:

1.  Wadi Rum Desert

2.  Rock Waves


Opening on the day of exhibit



From the Elemental Experiences - Water collection:

1.  Ferry to Islay

2. Depth of Stillness



From the Elemental Experiences - Water collection:

1.  Ocean's Footprint

2. Ocean's Contrast



From the Elemental Experiences - Wood collection:

1. Bear Spirit

2. Log Strewn Beach

3. Snow Covered Mountain



Me with Philcy, one of the Event Planners from Empress Events.




People coming in throughout the day to enjoy the exhibit.


Saturday, November 10, 2012 - Solo exhibit



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